ENERGIPOLE offers its industrial and public customers innovative and tailor-made solutions for the design, construction and operation of waste treatment units.

A family business with solid foundations and considerable experience, ENERGIPOLE is present in France, Europe, overseas territories, and North America. Our group has several subsidiaries with extensive industrial expertise, which are managed by partners. ENERGIPOLE is a federation of entrepreneurs united by a common industrial vision.

The men and women of the Group are committed to their customers daily to guarantee proximity, responsiveness, and performance.
Alain Mallart, President and Founder


Convinced that the economy can be circular, more virtuous, and more environmentally friendly, we strive to support our customers on greener, less energy-consuming solutions that are closer to people.

Waste is our resource, the quality of human relationships is in our DNA.



The ENERGIPOLE group was founded by Alain Mallart in 2006. A serial entrepreneur, he also launched the real estate investment group OJIREL, which today manages more than 360 million euros in assets.

Alain Mallart likes to build entrepreneurial and human adventures. In order to make ENERGIPOLE grow, he created an alliance of entrepreneurs by surrounding himself with managing partners responsible for their entities. A man of commitment, Alain Mallart is also very involved in cultural and social sponsorship.

  • 1970-1983
    The early phase of recycling.
    Creation of SOLENFER, active in the recycling of steel and mining waste.
  • 1984
    The early phase in the service to industry.
    Beginning of Mondelange's activities in the management of raw products for the steel industry in Lorraine.
  • 1990
    The Novalliance years.
    NOVALLIANCE group becomes one of the leading land logistics groups in France.
  • 1990
    Service to industry becomes a specialty.
    Participation in GETIM, a subsidiary active in transport, logistics, and industrial handling.
  • 2000
    Beginning in real estate.
    Creation of OJIREL, active in the development and management of real estate projects.
  • 2000
    Resumption of waste treatment activities in the Indian Ocean in partnership with SUEZ.
  • 2006-2008
    The environment at the heart of our concerns.
    ENERGIPOLE becomes the uniting banner of the group's environmental activities. Acquisition of AER and ECODEC, creation of ECOPOLE ESPÉRANCE and its waste management and storage centre.
  • 2007
    Diversification into renewable energies via photovoltaics.
    In partnership with ALBIOMA, commissioning of the Sainte-Suzanne solar power plant in Réunion.
  • 2010
    Start of contaminated land treatment and decontamination activities.
  • 2010
    Production of biogas.
    Investment in BELAIR ENERGY which produces biogas at the Sainte-Suzanne storage centre.
  • 2015-2019
    Development of services to industry.
    Creation of ENERGISERV HAGONDANGE, CHARLEROI, and BELVAL operating services for the steel industry.
  • 2017
    Focus on the treatment of household waste.
    ENERGIPOLE builds household waste treatment units.
  • 2019
    Photovoltaics are still developing.
    In partnership with ALBIOMA, commissioning of the Sainte-Rose solar power plant in Guadeloupe.
  • 2019
    Design of a methanisation and robotic waste sorting unit.
  • 2019
    Consolidation in the treatment of household and green waste.
    Takeover of the operation of ENERGIPOLE ESPÉRANCE and VERDE at SUEZ in Guadeloupe to become the sole shareholder.
  • 2021
    Commissioning of the treatment unit in the Reunion Island.


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ENERGIPOLE is a solid group based on diversified activities in various regions of the world. Over the years, the group has surrounded itself with quality entrepreneurs in complementary fields, at the service of its private, industrial, and public customers.

The real estate division: a guarantee of stability and diversification

The real estate subsidiary of the ENERGIPOLE group, OJIREL, is today recognised as an independent investor specialising in the commercial real estate sector: offices, industrial and business premises, warehouses, etc. OJIREL is defined primarily as an opportunistic fund, whose main objective is to create value.

logo ActivImmo

ACTIVIMMO, a unique savings product

Created in 2019, SCPI ACTIVIMMO is managed by our real estate management company ALDERAN. This is a unique SCPI on the market, since it makes it possible to invest in a real estate portfolio focused on warehouses, business premises, and urban logistics. This tertiary real estate niche offers the exceptional feature of generating above-average rental yields. Since the end of 2022, ACTIVIMMO had raised a capital of €850 Millions.

logo Ojirel Groupe

Created in 2000, OJIREL Group is today recognised as an independent investor specialising in the commercial real estate sector: offices, industrial and business premises, warehouses, etc.

picto euro

€130M portfolio value

picto immeubles

82 buildings owned

picto taux

7% average yield

logo Alderan

Specialising in the commercial real estate sector in Paris and in the regions, ALDERAN is an independent real estate portfolio management company created in 2015 and AMF approved in 2017. We design, develop and manage investment products adapted to the different challenges our investors face, whether institutional or individuals.
ALDERAN now manages over a €1.1 billion of assets.

picto euro

€1.1 Billion assets under management

picto surface

422,000 m2 total surface area managed

picto immeubles

102 buildings under management