ENERGIPOLE supports its customers in the implementation of efficient industrial processes to sort and recover waste, as well as to produce green and renewable energy.

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Sorting and recovering of household waste

ENERGIPOLE sells and operates household waste treatment units using 3WAYSTE© technology in France, Belgium, the French overseas departments and territories, and Mauritius. Innovative and patented, this process makes it possible to recycle and recover all the value contained in the waste deposits.


ENERGIPOLE assists manufacturers, farmers and communities in their biowaste methanisation projects, thanks to its preparation and recovery technology, in the form of biogas.

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Robotic sorting

ENERGIPOLE develops innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence and robotics to sort waste in bags, thus increasing the efficiency of sorting operations and the quality of output products.

Production of SRF (Solid Recovered Fuels)

Through its innovative processes, ENERGIPOLE offers solutions to produce SRF from non-hazardous solid waste to offer an alternative to fossil fuels.

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Operation of non-hazardous waste storage centres

ENERGIPOLE operates facilities and implements increasingly efficient techniques to ensure the environmental safety of storage sites and optimal energy recovery (biogas production).

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