Renewable energies, also called green energies, constitute innovative and sustainable solutions in the current dynamic of ecological transition. They stand out as responses to the environmental emergency that our planet must face. ENERGIPOLE uses its treatment sites and its expertise to produce solar, hydraulic and organic energies for today and tomorrow.

Production biogaz

Production of biogas

Organic waste treated in our operating and storage centres is used to produce biogas. We also have extensive expertise in the design of methanisation units allowing the production of biomethane to be injected into the network.


Operation of photovoltaic farms with energy storage. Faithful to our environmental roots, all our treatment sites are largely equipped with photovoltaic panels to produce solar energy.

Ferme photovoltaïque
Energie hydraulique

Hydraulic energy

Water is undoubtedly an important resource in the energy production of tomorrow. ENERGIPOLE develops various innovative processes in the production of hydraulic energy.

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