VERDIPOLE obtains the ‘Recyterre’ label

As a subsidiary of ENERGIPOLE, VERDIPOLE is active in soil decontamination, treatment of contaminated land, and rehabilitation of brownfield sites. VERDIPOLE recently obtained the Recyterre label, initiated by the Federation of Recycling Companies (FEDEREC) and the Syndicate of Deconstruction, Decontamination and Recycling Companies (SEDDRe).

The discussion over this new label dates back several years with the decision of the Société du Grand Paris (SGP) to create an environmental exemplary label for the excavation recycling platforms on the occasion of the implementation of the Grand Paris Express construction sites. The Recyterre label is intended for installations which recycle non-hazardous excavated soil.

This label of excellence allows contractors to identify soil acceptance and treatment platforms able to recycle excavated soil (excluding tunnel boring waste), as well as to identify companies producing materials from recycling in compliance with the expected technical and environmental qualities.

Recyterre will also boost the sector, so that the share of use of recycled materials on the market will experience significant growth in the years to come, making a lasting contribution to the sector’s circular economy. Consequently, the contracting authorities and public works companies will be completely reassured about their use. Obtaining the Recyterre label is an additional asset for VERDIPOLE, which specialises in soil decontamination and brownfield rehabilitation services. With a reactive operational structure, VERDIPOLE works on behalf of public or private customers on degraded industrial and urban sites. Its multidisciplinary teams, trained to work in sensitive environments, use the know-how of an experienced structure in compliance with regulations and with the safety and environmental quality of the services provided as major concerns. VERDIPOLE is in particular strongly involved in programmes linked to the circular economy for the reuse of excavated material from the construction industry and industrial materials.